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Myths About Gambling

How far "off-track" is your gambling?
What are your myths around gaming machines?
Is your gambling in control?

Some gamblers believe it is possible to change the way a machine will play. They believe the following myths that if:

  • You hold the button down longer;
  • You push the button repeatedly; or:
  • You vary the speed at which the game is played (ie., credit lines).
  • That you can 'confuse and trick' the machine and force it to pay.

Some gamblers believe in the myth that a machine will "overheat" and get "stuck in a rut" and that it is malfunctioning and only they "know that" but no-one else is listening.

How many myths do you have about gaming machines? Test yourself on the shortened version of the Woodlands Trust Faulty Logic Test for Gaming Machine Gamblers.

New Zealand Pokies and Gambling

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