Playing The Pokies

Gambling In Control

Gambling in control means setting limits with your money and setting limits with your time. Gambling in control means that your gambling is not negatively impacting on yourself, your family environment and your growth as an individual. Don't gamble unless your gambling is in control. "Dollars spent" while gambling in control are not considered "dollars lost" as a gambling experience has been purchased in much the same way as any other form of entertainment for the discretionary dollar spent.

Gambling Out Of Control

Gambling out of control can include any one of the following eight elements:

  • I promised myself "I would not gamble" and later gambled anyway.
  • I promised myself a set amount of money to gamble with then later gambled more money.
  • I promised myself "I will only gamble for so long" and then gambled for longer.
  • I was unable to stop gambling until my money ran out.
  • I returned and gambled to get even or to chase losses from a previous gambling episode.
  • I gambled winnings treating it as bonus money that I could afford to lose by "re-investing" that money back into the machine.
  • I gambled on "automatic-pilot" in a dissociative "trance-like" state.
  • I gambled with total disregard to the consequences.

Remember, if you do one of the above eight elements you are gambling out-of-control and are at risk. Consider "Monitor-Me Gambling Recording System" with analysis graphs" to "track" your gambling behaviour (only offered at this time to New Zealand course participants) or link into the Woodlands Trust One-Day Educational Treatment Seminar or Group Therapy Course.

"Woodlands Trust offers New Zealanders help in overcoming problems with playing the pokies."