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Gambling Lifeguard — Background History

From October 2005, regulations attached to the Gambling Act 2003 have required pubs and clubs that host gaming machines in New Zealand to "ensure that a person trained in problem gambling awareness is available at the venue whenever gaming machines are in operation".

Gambling Lifeguard Reference

"Problem gambling and problem gamblers are a very real source of concern for the gaming industry, communities and societies at large. As a gaming manufacturer whose products are sold world-wide it is extremely important that all reasonable care, effort, resources and talents are directed towards those individuals that have real problems with gaming and gambling. Effective safety nets with professional and competent treatment providers are part of that solution."

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Regulation 12: Requirement to Provide Problem Gambling Awareness Training

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Woodlands Trust is pleased to have assisted the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association, a large number of Gaming Machine Trusts and a number of sports clubs with their training requirements. The final aim is that of protecting those at risk from the effects of problem gambling.

To date in excess of 1300 people have been trained with a large number adopting the Gambling Lifeguard (click to go to poster).

"Woodlands Trust offers New Zealanders gambling solutions & counselling to help manage problem gambling."