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Harm Minimisation Programmes In Problem Gambling Awareness For Class 4 Venues

Woodlands Trust are pleased to offer Class 4 venues the opportunity for a professional and specialist approach to their harm minimisation requirements and problem gambling awareness training. Full training manuals incorporate all relevant sections of the Gambling Act 2003.

The Woodlands Trust Philosophy:

"To develop robust policy and procedures that meet with all of the statutory requirements of the Gambling Act 2003 and deliver friendly and easily implemented services to the gambling public"

Training days (9am - 4pm) cover the following areas:

  • An overview of problem gambling in New Zealand.
  • An analysis of the Gambling Act 2003 and Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004 as they relate to harm minimisation and licensing issues.
  • Implementing Venue Policy - understanding and meeting your obligations.
  • Understanding the problem gambler.
  • Common myths and misconceptions of problem gamblers.
  • Understanding how gaming machines are designed, how they work and how they impact on gamblers.
  • Identifying the problem gambler.
  • Guidelines to approaching any gambling patron on any gambling-related issue.
  • Approaching players that may be experiencing difficulties relating to gambling.
  • Maintaining confidentiality when dealing with patrons and problem gambling issues.
  • Providing information to players about potential risks and consequences of problem gambling.
  • Providing information to players about how to access problem gambling services.
  • Providing information to players about venue specific policy and exclusion orders that are available.
  • Self-Exclusion Orders.
  • Venue Exclusion Orders.
  • Power to deny entry to the premises or request patron to leave the premises.
  • Maintaining an Incident Register.
  • The importance of keeping documentation relating to future cost recoveries for harm minimisation in class 4 venues.
  • Providing a safer gambling environment for all gamblers.

"Woodlands Trust offers New Zealanders gambling help, information & counselling to help manage problem gambling."