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Self Exclusion Order

Gambling Act 2003, Section 310

  • The Self Exclusion Order service is available at all pubs, clubs and casinos that host gaming machines.
  • The service allows you to request the venue to exclude you from the gaming area of that venue for a period of up to two years. It will then become an offence for you should you enter the gaming area at that venue.


Contact the Venue Manager and request an appointment to self-exclude (Recommended).
The Venue Manager will make arrangements for you to attend an appointment. You will need to bring with you a photograph of yourself for identification purposes and also some verification of identity. e.g. A Driver's Licence, Passport, HANZ ID card. Note all Venue Managers are trained in problem gambling awareness and can provide advice and information; they are there to help.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to present in person, obtain a self exclusion order from the venue that you wish to be excluded from, send back to the Venue Manager completed details providing verification of identity and a photograph of yourself for identification purposes. Please sign the back of your photograph and state term of exclusion (up to two years) which you wish to be self-excluded for. Send back all copies of the self-exclusion form to the Venue Manager. The exclusion order will then be processed and a copy returned to you. Please give the mailing address you wish to have your copy returned to. [Note that each venue may have variations as to the terms and conditions of the self exclusion order offered which will be relevant to the venue and its venue policy.]

(Click here to see a sample Self Exclusion Order form)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about self exclusion orders that may help you decide if a self exclusion order is right for you. [Note that each venue may have variations as to the terms and conditions of the self exclusion order offered which will be relevant to the venue and its venue policy.]


"Can I remain a patron at the venue if I have a self-exclusion order?"

Answer A self-exclusion order excludes you from only the "gambling area" at a venue.


"What is the "gambling area" at a venue?"

Answer The gambling area will be different at every venue. If a venue does not have a designated gambling area the whole venue will be deemed to be the gambling area.


"Will I be excluded forever?”

Answer Self-exclusion orders can be made out to a maximum of 24 months


"Can self-exclusion orders be made out for less than 24 months?”

Answer Yes.


"Can a self exclusion order be revoked or changed or amended in any way after it has been signed off?”

Answer No.


"If a self-exclusion order expires can I apply for another?"

Answer Yes.


"Will I be automatically excluded from other venues?"

Answer No. A self-exclusion order is venue specific.


"Will my personal details be made known to everybody?"

Answer All information collected will be kept strictly confidential accessible only to authorised venue staff in accordance with the venue policy.


"If I later gamble at the venue will I be committing an offence?"

Answer Yes you may be prosecuted in court and fined up to $500.


"Are venue staff under any obligations?"

Answer Venue staff may be liable for a fine of up to $10,000 if they "knowingly allow" a self-excluded gambler to enter the gambling area or "knowingly fail to remove" a self-excluded gambler who has entered the gambling area.


"Will I be treated as a criminal?"

Answer Certainly not. Self-exclusion orders place an "extra duty of care" on the venue, that "extra duty of care" requires venue staff to do their best to keep self-excluded problem gamblers from the gambling area. You can expect venue staff to support you and your self-exclusion.


"Should I inform venue staff when I am at the venue?"

Answer Your custom is welcome, venue staff will look after you when they know that you are at the venue. The venue should itself be viewed as a safe environment for the self-excluded problem gambler.

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