One-day Educational Treatment Seminar

Frequently Asked Questions

A pdf version of this FAQ can be downloaded here.


"I’m not a problem gambler but I would like to know more about gaming machines. Is this seminar suitable for me?"

Answer Yes


"I enjoy playing gaming machines. Will this one-day seminar show me how to play better, beat the machines and win more?"

Answer No. The one day seminar will give you information about gaming machines showing you how you can maximise your gambling fun while minimising problem gambling risk.


"I have some gambling issues but they don’t cause me any problems. Is this course suitable for me?”

Answer The Woodlands Trust has a number of assessments to determine if you have any gambling problems or are at risk of becoming a problem gambler. The seminar is suitable for all individuals concerned about their gambling behaviour and wanting accurate information on gaming machines.


"I have a gambling problem, what can I expect from this one-day seminar?”

Answer You can expect to have a professional comprehensive assessment by a registered psychologist. You will receive detailed information about gaming machines and gambling in general. You will be given a number of tools that you may want to use to address a gambling problem.


"Can a gambling problem be successfully addressed during the course of a one-day seminar?”

Answer For a number of gamblers, unhealthy gambling patterns can develop over time. The gambler can then become "a bit stuck”. The application of the information presented in our one-day seminar can break down those unhealthy gambling patterns and successfully address gambling problems.


"What sort of people attend the Woodlands Trust One-Day Educational Treatment Seminar?"

Answer All sorts of people from across all socio-economic, age, ethnic, occupational and gender groups. They represent all New Zealanders.


"Is the One-Day Educational Treatment Seminar Free?"

Answer Yes. Woodlands Trust is funded for its New Zealand treatment programmes by both the New Zealand Ministry of Health by way of the problem gambling levy and the New Zealand Charitable Gaming Machine sector as part of their host responsibility initiatives and community groups funding.


"Will I be expected to complete some follow-up at a later date?"

Answer Yes, Woodlands Trust completes follow-up on all clients at one month, three months and six months as part of our Ministry of Health contractual requirements.


"How often does the Woodlands Trust run its One-Day Educational Treatment Seminars?"

Answer The One-Day Educational Treatment Seminars are run whenever there are 25 or more registrations for a location and funding permits.


"Can I bring a friend?"

Answer Yes, support persons and whānau are welcome.

"Woodlands Trust offers New Zealanders help in overcoming problems with playing the pokies."