Group Therapy Courses For Problem Gamblers

Frequently Asked Questions

A pdf version of this FAQ can be downloaded here.


"I am looking for professional help to help me overcome some gambling problems. Is this group therapy course suitable for me?”

Answer Yes. The group therapy course is structured to help facilitate solutions that are relevant to the needs of individual clients.


"Is this programme a 12-step programme?”

Answer No. The programme is not a 12-step programme. Individuals are free to choose the treatment approach that they believe will best suit them.


"Do you only offer Group Therapy?”

Answer All therapy is conducted in group therapy sessions however occasionally we offer 1:1 counselling in circumstances that require it.


"I’m not really a "group person’. Will I be expected to tell the group about my personal experiences and problems?”

Answer No.


"How confidential will my assessments be?”

Answer Your assessment results and all personal details will be kept strictly confidential.


"Who facilitates the group therapy sessions?”

Answer Dr Vicki Fowler, BA., MA (Hons), PhD facilitates the group therapy sessions with support from other staff of the Woodlands Trust.


"Do you have telephone support?”

Answer Yes, we have a telephone buddy that rings you weekly to give you ongoing information on the course.


"What sort of people attend the Woodlands Trust Group Therapy Courses?”

Answer All sorts of people from across all socio-economic, age, ethnic, occupational and gender groups. They represent all New Zealanders.


"Is the Group Therapy Course free?”

Answer Yes. Woodlands Trust is funded for its New Zealand treatment programmes by both the New Zealand Ministry of Health by way of the problem gambling levy and the New Zealand Charitable Gaming Machine sector as part of their host responsibility initiatives and community groups funding.


"Can I bring a friend?"

Answer Yes, support persons and whānau are welcome.


"Will I have free access to the ‘Monitor-Me‘ gambling recording system?"

Answer Yes.


"How successful is the Group Therapy Course?"

Answer Of those clients who have completed the group therapy course in excess of 70% have achieved the improvements and reductions in problem gambling issues that they were looking for.

"Woodlands Trust offers New Zealanders gambling help, information & counselling to help manage problem gambling."