Tēnā koutou and welcome to the Woodlands Trust (New Zealand) gambling counselling programmes and (International) Personal Solutions range of products. Every individual is special and every individual has a contribution to make.

Addictive disorders affect millions of individuals from all over the world from all ethnic, socio-economic, cultural, occupational and religious backgrounds. You are not alone.

Therapeutic interventions, information and products have to offer individuals "choice" in pursuing treatment approaches that will work effectively for them. You have to be comfortable with the treatment options available to enable the best outcomes to be achieved.

There are many success stories of individuals who have overcome severe difficulties with their addictive disorders. Your potential to develop and grow rests with yourself and in your desire to change and to develop trust in your own abilities.

Woodlands Trust looks forward to working with you to obtain these changes and to providing products that will assist you in the choices that you make.

Dr Vicki


"Woodlands Trust offers gambling help, information & counselling to help manage problem gambling."